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Mental Health Skills for Managers

Put wellbeing at the heart of your leadership approach to develop thriving teams, with this practical and immersive online course.

Transforming mentally health workplaces requires a whole-organisation approach. Equip your line managers with skills to create an open culture around mental health and wellbeing.


MHFA England values this course at £150 per person.

For group courses, prices are £150 per person with a minimum of 8 people (£1,200) and a maximum of 16 people (£2,400) per cohort.


Everyone who completes this course gets the following from MHFA England

A certificate of attendance

Knowledge and tools to take care of their own mental health as a manager, and empower their teams

Digital workbook to use during the course

Course outcomes 

By attending the course, you will learn to:

  • Identify if an employee may be experiencing poor mental health

  • Feel confident having open conversations about mental health with your team members

  • Appropriately signpost to available support and know where to go for support and guidance for yourself

  • Role model good self-care practice, inspiring your teams to look after their own mental health and wellbeing

  • 30-minute self-reflective work before the course

  • Four-hour course delivered online

  • Immersive training session, led by an instructor with people management experience

  • Opportunities to practice embedding skills through group activities and discussions to share best practice

Course content

  • Mental health spectrum: The importance of knowing your team, knowing yourself, and early warning signs

  • Stress and workplace stressors: The Stress Container and barriers to mental health conversations

  • Preparing for mental health conversations: Including preparing for virtual conversations and managing remotely

  • Mental health conversation cycle: Effective questions, active listening, empathetic responses, supporting, and signposting

  • Wellbeing and stress in the workplace: Using the Stress Container for yourself

  • Commitments to change: What to do next to embed learning

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