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Through my own lived experience of mental ill health from my earliest memories to leading teams and organisations in the charity sector - I recognise the importance of building supportive environments.

My goal is to help people thrive by delivering training to increase confidence, skills, and knowledge in supporting others or workplace mediation—facilitating productive dialogue to find a way to move forward.

Through a range of support involving consultancy, training, mental health, conflict resolution, lived experience and leadership skills we can work together to help people move forward.

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Jake Morrison

I'm Jake - keen to support you on all things workplace wellbeing.

If you'd like to discuss your needs, please send me an email at

Mental Health Training

  • Mental Health First Aid (Two-day)

  • MHFA Refresher (Half-day)

  • MHFA Aware (Half-day)

  • Mental Health Skills for Line Managers (Half-day)

  • Suicide Awareness & Prevention Workshop (3 hours online, booked per group)

Conflict Resolution

  • Workplace Mediation (facilitating dialogue with two parties in conflict/dispute/fallout)

  • Conflict Coaching (1-to-1 skills-based coaching sessions)

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