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Mental Health First
Aiders trained


Average instructor rating from delegate feedback


Citizens Advice advisers trained in Suicide Awareness & Prevention Workshop.

“Jake was an amazing instructor who handled some difficult topics with sensitivity and compassion.
The course was excellent, well paced and applied to our WMG context. Thank You so Much Jake"
“Would highly recommend this course for everyone. This course goes deep in and will be very beneficial not only in work life but also personal life. I have learnt a lot from this course as a beginner with no knowledge in Mental Health to now understanding sufficient enough information. Course trainer Jake was absolutely superb. They did not rush through the course and always answered every single question and went more into detail with each question.”
"The course was personally an enriching experience. The role plays for various were very helpful to understand and practice as an MHFA."
“I found the course really informative, well put together and delivered well. Jake is a great instructor with lots of good examples of how to put the framework into place and brings the learning to real life scenarios. I feel much better equipped after the course and feel I have learned a lot in a short period of time"

Open courses

Mental Health First Aid

- Online

📅 Tuesday 16th &

Thursday 18th July

🕘 9am-5pm each day

💷 £150 per place 

Mental Health First Aid

- Online

📅 Monday 16th & Wednesday 18th September

🕘 9am-5pm each day

💷 £150 per place 

MHFA Refresher

- Online

📅 Thursday 25th July

🕘 9.30am-2pm

💷 £100 per place

MHFA Refresher

- Online

📅 Wednesday 28th August

🕘 9.30am-2pm

💷 £100 per place

Imagine a workplace where:

  • Employees feel supported and confident, leading to improved engagement and focus.

  • Open communication and understanding create a more positive and inclusive environment.

  • Early intervention for mental health concerns can potentially reduce absenteeism and presenteeism (referring to working while unwell).

Investing in Mental Health First Aid training empowers your team with the skills to:

  • Recognise signs of mental health concerns

  • Start supportive conversations confidently

  • Connect colleagues with helpful resources

  • Build a culture of empathy and understanding

  • Support your clients as frontline workers​

I can help you:

  • Create a more supportive and positive work environment

  • Promote employee well-being and resilience

  • Potentially reduce the impact of mental health challenges on your organisation

Over 1,000 individuals have experienced the positive impact of my training.


Ready to explore how MHFA training can benefit your team?
Book a free consultation to discuss your unique needs.​​

Email me today at,

and let's start building a healthier,

happier workplace together.

About me

  • Accredited Instructor Member approved by MHFA England to deliver Mental Health First Aid courses since December 2020

  • Experienced people manager and organisation leader

  • Lived Experience, living with ADHD and a long-term mental health condition

  • Trained over 1,000 Mental Health First Aiders 

  • Over 600 Citizens Advice advisers and supervisors trained in my 3-hour Suicide Awareness workshop.

  • Accredited Workplace Mediator and trained Conflict Coach

Living with ADHD and a long-term mental health condition has given me firsthand experience of the impact mental health challenges can have on individuals and workplaces. The challenges I faced ignited my passion to empower others with the knowledge and skills to create more supportive and inclusive environments.


As an accredited MHFA instructor and experienced manager, I have equipped over 1,000 individuals with valuable mental health first aid skills and contributed to positive outcomes for organisations, resulting in improved employee well-being and reduced absenteeism.


My approach integrates my lived experience and evidence-based practices, tailoring programs to address specific organisational needs and challenges. By fostering open communication and addressing conflict constructively, I strive to create a healthy work culture where mental health is understood, supported, and championed.


I take pride in my work and am committed to creating a safe, engaging learning environment where participants gain practical skills and confidence to support themselves and their colleagues. With my combination of personal experience, expertise, and tailored approach, I am driven to help your organisation create a thriving workplace where mental health is a top priority.

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