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I bring passion, empathy, and tenacity to make a difference. My journey living with mental ill health drives my advocacy for workplace wellbeing.

Growing up in poverty and around domestic abuse in Liverpool was challenging, along with struggling to understand my sexuality at a young age. I had my first thought about no longer wanting to be here at 11.


At 18, I was elected to Liverpool City Council and became the UK's youngest politician. I championed community engagement and charitable causes during my time there - I sat on several committees, worked for a Member of Parliament and spent a year as Mayoral Lead for Looked After Children.


Though my mental health continued to be challenging for me, I found purpose in community work. Volunteering since I was 15, I later led charities to increase their impact.

At 26, I became CEO of Citizens Advice Wokingham, shaping and leading the charity through COVID and the cost of living crisis. We helped 126% more people than when I joined. Our annual people survey consistently showed above national average scores, and I won their Excellence in Leadership award for my motivational, compassionate style around mental health and authentic leadership.

Finally diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and ADHD Combined Type in 2020 after years of struggling to find answers, I'm aware of how difficult it can be for people to access support.

I've trained nearly 900 people in Mental Health First Aid, feeling great pride in equipping individuals to support others. 

Today, I provide consultancy grounded in my experience navigating change and uplifting teams. My goal is to foster psychologically safe, inclusive cultures that deliver effective, meaningful services that positively impact our communities.

My path has been difficult, but it's given me empathy and resilience. I'm determined to create and shape services, workplaces and communities where we empower each other.

Though the future is uncertain, I want to live purposefully, confronting challenges with optimism. By sharing our stories, we can transform society's approach to mental health.



This page has newspaper 'clippings', media appearances and other things that I've been involved with!

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