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I deliver several workshops (mainly online) for organisations.

The most popular is a suicide awareness workshop, with nearly 600 frontline Citizens Advice advisers and supervisors learning about the topic and prevention tips.

I have also put on bespoke sessions, including on:

  • Living with ADHD

  • Top tips for supporting service users with mental health issues

  • Neurodiversity and mental health issues in the workplace

Jake Morrison

Did you know that for almost 70% of people, their manager has more impact on their mental health than a doctor, their therapist - and equal to their partner? I want to help employers create more psychologically safe organisations where colleagues can thrive and positively support their wellbeing and recovery journeys.


I'm Jake Morrison, an experienced Mental Health First Aid instructor passionate about equipping people with the skills to support mental health. I've trained over 850 people in Mental Health First Aid skills.

With over eight years of experience leading charities (4 1/2 as Chief Executive at a Citizens Advice service and time as Director of Services at one of the largest Local Mind charities), I bring a wealth of experience to my Mental Health First Aid training. Most of the courses I deliver are from MHFA England, where I am an accredited independent instructor member.


I have personal (lived) experience with mental ill health, including a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and ADHD Combined Type. This enables me to deliver training with compassion and empathy, linking the organisational support aspects to the individual's needs and challenges. My goal is to equip people with the skills to confidently provide support in crisis, challenge stigma and discrimination, improve culture in organisations and support people on their recovery journey.


Prices depend on a number of factors, including remote/face-to-face, number of attendees and time to put the workshop together.

Please get in touch with me directly via

Virtual Team Meeting

Tailored awareness sessions (group booking)

Cost: to be discussed

Timings: to be discussed - anything from lunch and learn to a full day

I am able to put on a range of awareness sessions and/or speak about my own personal experiences of mental ill health for your organisation/team.

Topics include:

- Supporting someone in a suicidal crisis (the basics)

- How to have supportive conversations (the basics)

- Living with a personality disorder, suicidal thoughts and/or ADHD

- Mental health in the workplace, how to create a supportive culture (the basics)

Please contact me if you have any topics you would like me to work on for your team/needs.

Suicide Awareness Workshop

£350 | 3 hours | Online (Zoom) | Maximum of 16 people


In this workshop we explore:

  1. Why suicide?

  2. Recognising warning signs

  3. What we know about the issue so far

  4. The key principles in having a supportive conversation

  5. Key signposting: what are the main support options

  6. Looking after yourself after a difficult conversation

The workshop

I am able to deliver this workshop through the lens of the work of Citizens Advice, with an understanding of the framework and systems they operate in.

I can also easily adapt this session t to other teams' work. It is designed to look at how staff and volunteers support people through their 'frontline' work, advising/supporting others and their immediate supervisors.

After the session, I will email attendees with a summary of helpful resources to note.


"I just wanted to let you know that the feedback that I had from the course was all good. There were a couple of people that said it was very close to home - one of the team I am training opened up to me that she had tried to end her life several years ago, and when we had a chat, she confirmed to me that the "what to say and what not to say" was very accurate which gave me even more confidence when handling client's feeling suicidal...

This is the 2nd time I have done the training and found it just as helpful the 2nd time round.  I know from the first training session that we had, that I felt a lot more confident in talking to clients calmly and realising that whilst I can offer help, I cannot wave a magic wand and make everyone's problems go away - this made it easier (if that is the right word) not to take things too personally."

"Jake is a fantastic trainer - beginning with his introductory email and openness about his own experiences and background, this set the tone for the course and encouraged openness and dialogue about a difficult topic. Jake kept my attention for the full 3 hours. I found the course really helpful, use of breakout sessions very good and Jake a fantastic facilitator."

"It was a really informative and useful session, delivered empathetically and with care.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this course."

"Generally just wonderful training, Jake is excellent at what he does, made us all feel connected, comfortable and informed. I am grateful to have been able to have this training.

Really think it is important to have the trainer being someone who has actual personal experience of the subject matter like Jake does."

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