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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a process where, through one-to-one support, individuals can be enabled to improve their interactions with others and explore how to manage conflicts. This is future-focused and is not designed to delve into the past. 

I deliver the New Ways for Work® coaching model - a skills-based coaching process to gain or strengthen four key conflict resolution skills.  

It is designed to be simple and repetitive so that we can apply it in our everyday lives, particularly in the workplace - even during stressful times.

This is suitable for anyone interested in improving their interpersonal skills at work, including those who haven't had any conflict problems and for those with potentially higher conflict experiences.


The four key skills explored through the coaching and workbook are:

  • Flexible thinking

  • Managed emotions

  • Moderate behaviours

  • Checking yourself

There are three key sessions to the coaching and several add-on sessions. 

If you would like to discuss this coaching in a short call, please email or schedule a video call.

4 Big Skills™ and New Ways for Work® are ©2023 High Conflict Institute LLC. All rights reserved. These are registered trademarks owned by William A. Eddy, exclusively licensed to High Conflict Institute.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not provide therapy or counselling.

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For three sessions of coaching


Problems or Issues to Discuss

Exploring the problems or issues you want to address in the coaching, identify general goals and plans for the sessions.


The Four New Ways Skills

1. Flexible thinking

2. Managed Emotions

3. Moderate Behaviours

4. Checking Yourself


Review and Personal Goals

Continuing session 2 (four new ways skills), review where you are at, and if this is the the final session, discuss how you may take this forward.

For more sessions / add-on


Flexible Thinking:

Making Proposals


Managed Emotions:

Calming Yourself


Managed Emotions: Staying Calm Around Others


Moderate Behaviours: BIFF Responses to Hostile Email


Moderate Behaviours: Avoiding Extreme Behaviours


Checking Yourself

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